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Before ink hits the paper your marketing objectives needs to be clearly defined:

Who is your audience? What do you want to convey to them?


There are four basic principles that apply in majority of good design.



If the elements (text, colour, size, shapes, etc.) are not the same then make them very different. Contrast is often the most important visual attraction on a page.


2. Repetition

Repeat visual elements of the design throughout the piece. This keeps consistency and unity throughout the page layouts.


3. Alignment

The layout of elements should have some visual connection in view of all other elements on the page. This creates a clean visually appealing look to the document.


4. Proximity

Items related to one another should be grouped closer together. This helps to organise the information better and it allows the reader to focus on the material.


Paper Sizes

The sizes are commonly referred by the ISO standard sizes, most common of which is size A4. The size smaller than this is an A5 and higher is an A3. These can be compared to each other in the diagram below.




For the designer it is important that they start off with the correct size. Also the artwork that is fine for the computer monitor may not be suitable for printing. Below is a very basic layout template that can apply to business card. When doing the artwork for the purpose to print it on paper crop marks, bleeds and text area needs to be considered.



We can see an example below of an artwork for business card that designer will supply in a print ready state to the printer. After printing the bleed (red border) is cut away at the crop marks leaving the final size, 85mm x 55mm (black border and all inside it). The text area is at least 5mm inside from all of the four edges (cyan square).



Display Signs


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